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Traveling through Tropical Climates

A Girl’s Guide to Traveling through Tropical Climates

When it comes to touring the world, there is no denying that you can save a lot of money by visiting countries and places which are experiencing rainy or humid weather. The reason for this is simply because the majority of travelers don’t know how to pack for such an environment and avoid traveling during these times.

To help you take advantage of these periods, below are some tips to help any fashion conscious girl look her best!

Start with Your Clothing

Of course, you will want to take each and every item of clothing that you possibly own to give you the most selection while you are on vacation. And while this is a lovely idea, in reality, it isn’t always practical, or even allowed by the TSA!

Instead, stick to loose pants which can zip off at the knee, only pack your most flowing blouses, and always be sure to pack shoes with a secure grip on the bottom to keep you safe while you are hiking.

It can often be tempting to pack your jeans, thinking that you are able to undertake the same amount of exercise while you are away as you complete at home. However, wearing jeans in a humid environment is going to cause nothing but discomfort and a potential skin irritation.


There is a good chance that you have an extensive skin care routine which you complete each morning and potentially even each night. And while you might like the idea of taking everything with you, the truth is that it isn’t all going to be appropriate, with much of it sliding off your skin and leaving you look worse than you have ever looked!

Instead, consider which items in your routine are the essentials and look for humidity-focused alternatives.


Everyone wants to share their travel adventures on some form of social media platform. And as great as it is for your friends and family back home to see the sights you are seeing, if a great photo comes at the expense of a dry cell-phone then the photo wasn’t worth it, no matter how great it was!

When packing your electronic device, make sure you also include waterproof protection, such as a waterproof bag or a completely new case for your device. If you have a device that you can’t protect, then these are the ones you should leave at home.

Going around Wisata Pantai Takisung is a great way to open your eyes and mind, but it’s also a great way to show the world how glowing your skin is on the move! Before you head off to your next humid destination, be sure to keep this article in mind and package it appropriately.

For example, a nivea coupon from Groupon Coupons can see you traveling with a variety of moisturizers and skin care products that can keep you looking great, and keep you looking great in moisture.