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How To Lose 50 LBS In 2 hours

How To Lose 50 LBS In 2 hours

I was prompted to write this blog post when Jane sent me an email today telling me she had lost 50 lbs, It made me smile. I met Jane last year for a two hour coaching session. Jane is a mum of 3.

I feel the fitness and health industry is going the wrong way, more and more we focus on one thing, how we look, or perhaps more accurately how we think people perceive us. I’m certain more people would open an article called lose 50 lbs in 2 hours versus a year.

For me the health and fitness industry is out of control, you only need to look at personal training companies such as premier global, who now offer a 6 week training course to become qualified as a personal trainer. 6 WEEKS!!

Does Your Exercise Plan Work For You

This for me is crucial, so many people go round and round training hard but never getting the results they want, and this can also be said for those with personal trainers. Goals must be defined clearly and be realistic.

What And Why

What is it that you want? I mean honestly what do you really want? So many of us start an exercise routine with no real clear plan, and certainly have not put any thought into why. I’m sorry to tell you but 6 packs are not the route to happiness, and for the masses unattainable and certainly unsustainable.

Lifestyle Changes

Whenever I do a consultation I look at every aspect of the client’s life, work, social and relationships. Simply exercising a few times a week without addressing your lifestyle will not give you the results you want.

My Top Tips

Pay close attention to your portion sizes and the times you eat, over the course of a month you will soon see clear patterns that need to be addressed.

Your goal must fit into your lifestyle

If you want to lose 2 stone you need to be exercising a minimum of four times a week, if this is not possible due to work and social commitments your goal needs to change.